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If you drive through Hardwick you'll notice that Fair preparations are well underway. The fields have been mown, signs are up, and before you know it, the 246th Hardwick Community Fair will be in full swing. So get your entries ready and we'll see you Friday and Saturday! And if you have any questions, just click here to ask and someone will respond asap.

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Promote your local farm or agricultural-related business. Sign up today! It's FREE!

The Hardwick Fair in conjunction with the Hardwick Farmers Cooperative Exchange has recently received a grant to allow us to do some marketing. The grant will be used to create a new brochure, similar to the Hardwick Harvest brochure put out a few years ago. It will also allow us to expand the Hardwick Fair website to include local farms and other agricultural-related businesses. If you would like to take part in this great opportunity (at NO COST to you), please fill out the form here.

To be included in the brochure, replies must be received by June 30. I know its short notice, but you don't have to do much. In return, you'll get a link on the website and plenty of brochures to hand out to people at farmers' markets, your customers, etc....use them however you like. You can be added to the website at any time. Click here to sign up now.

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There are lots of exciting things happening with this year's Hardwick Fair. We recently received a grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Dept. of Agriculture to enhance the marketing efforts for the fair, as well as local agriculture. This money will enable us to promote the fair by updating the website with lots of new information and to produce a brochure that will promote local agriculture (similar to the Hardwick Harvest brochure that was around a few years ago) , as well as the fair. If you or someone you know would like to take advantage of this opportunity (at no cost to you), please let us know asap.

And of course, we now have a blog. Feel free to leave comments.

And if you haven't bought your Red Sox raffle tickets yet...don't forget to do that soon.

See you at the fair!





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